Power Stations

Power Stations

Battersea Power Station

The London Power Company commissioned Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to design a large coal-fired electricity-generating facility at Battersea. Completed in 1939, Battersea was England's first super station capable of producing 400,000 kilowatts.

Battersea was the first in a series of large stations established as part of the National Grid power distribution system then being introduced.

Battersea's four-chimney silhouette did not appear until 1953 with the construction of B Station. For its first 20 years, the power station only had a single chimney at each end.

Station A was shut down in 1974 and Station B ceased operation in 1983. The building is now a Grade II listed building, due in part to Station A's Art Deco-style interior. At the beginning of the 21st century it was being converted into a large commercial and entertainment complex.

Lot's Road Power Station

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