Norwood Jewish Orphanage

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Norwood Jewish Orphanage

The history of Norwood dates from 1795, when financiers Abraham and Benjamin Goldsmid invited subscriptions for the foundation of a Jews' Hospital. In 1807 the Jews' Hospital, known as Neveh Zedek (Abode of Righteousness), was formally opened in Mile End.

By 1860 it had become overcrowded, and plans were made to move the hospital to the country. Barnett and Isabella Meyers presented the organisation with eight acres of land in West Norwood, South London, and a building to accommodate 220 children was erected at a cost of 20,000. Sir Anthony Rothschild laid the foundation stone in 1861.

Meanwhile, in 1831, the Jews' Orphan Asylum had been established in the East End, following the death of Mr and Mrs Noah Assenheim. The couple had left their eight children in the care of Isaac Valentine - 'a humble purveyor of cucumbers and olives'. A benefit concert for the children was held at the Surrey Theatre and a house in Leman Street was obtained for the children. In 1846, a home for 40 orphans was built at Tender Ground. This was later enlarged to accommodate 61 children.

Alternate Names

  • Jews' Hospital and Orphan Asylum

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