Army personnel inspect wreckage after the Silvertown Explosion - Photograph

On 19 January 1917, there was a massive explosion in Silvertown, south of the Royal Victoria Dock. In Messrs Brunner Mond & Co's munitions works, 50 tons of T.N.T. blew up, killing 73 people and damaging up to 70,000 buildings, including some at the dock. The noise of the blast could be heard as far away as Southampton and Norwich. Two days later, John H Avery photographed army personnel inspecting the wreckage at the docks. Aside from the flour mills and other ruined buildings, thousands of pounds worth of goods were left exposed to the elements in the aftermath including this cargo from Italy.
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whole: 241 x 292 mm
Avery, John H.
�� Museum in Docklands/PLA Collection

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