Islands & Sea - painting; oil on canvas

This is one in a series of five paintings that Wen Biao Mao produced during his month-long residency at the Museum of London in 1993. His task was to link the past and present, drawing inspiration form the Museum's exhibits and visitors. Here, the 'islands', depicted in thick brown impasto, are remnants from the past, including the City wall and ruined church towers. The 'sea' is represented by the mass of modern glazed office blocks, which absorb the blues, greys and pinks of the sky. The Museum of London, a low modern building, blends past and present. In China, Wen Biao Mao painted political and historical murals in a strongly figurative style. He came to London to find new ways of communicating through painting.
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91 x 101 cm (unframed)
Mao, Wen Biao
© Digital image Museum of London

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