Children in costume at Notting Hill Carnival - photograph

A young boy wearing a pink and blue silk-like costume and a shell headdress makes faces at the camera from float at the Notting Hill Carnival. Sunday is Children's day at the Notting Hill Carnival. Children from across London and all over the U.K. come to participate in or to watch the processions. The carnival first took place in Notting Hill in 1964. Many West Indian immigrants lived in Notting Hill at the time. They had come to London in the 1950s, bringing their musical traditions with them. While the roots of carnival are the celebration of freedom from slavery, the Notting Hill version helps bring Black and White people together, and encourages local people including children to express themselves on the streets to the music of the steel band. By the 1990s the original steel and Mas bands had been joined by a plethora of static sound systems.
Production Date:
Aug 1994
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Photographer : Hugh Robertson
Transport for London

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