A demonstration against the Commonwealth Immigration Act, led by Claudia Jones - photograph

The 1962 Commonwealth Immigration Act restricted the number of people allowed to migrate to the U.K. from former colonies. Since most of the colonies were in Africa, Asia or the West Indies, the Act was popularly interpreted as a 'colour bar'. That is, designed to limit non-white migrants. By the early 1960s, thousands of West Indians had settled in London, many filling jobs left empty after the Second World War. Many had been subjected to racist hostility, which led to the Notting Hill riots of the 1950s. The civil rights campaigner Claudia Jones had lived in London since 1956. To improve black-white relations, she established the Notting Hill Carnival. She also founded the West Indian Gazette. In 1962 Jones organised peaceful demonstrations to protest against the Immigration Act. She is pictured here at the front of a march, wearing a light-coloured coat and carrying a wicker handbag.
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