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Tom Eckersley was one of London Transport's most prolific poster designers. He produced over a hundred designs for the company between 1935 and 1995. This is one of his original artworks for a poster to advertise The Museum of London, which was established in 1975 by the merger of the Guildhall Museum and London Museum. The bold design was made using paper and card cut-outs, a favourite technique of Eckersley's. The brightly coloured, highly stylised depiction of a woman holding a basket of oranges was intended to represent Nell Gwynn. This captivating actress and mistress to Charles II had formerly sold oranges to audiences at the King's Theatre in London. She has remained a familiar and popular figure in London's history. On the final poster the Museum's opening times, as well as bus and Underground travel information, were given to the left of the image.
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Artist : Tom Eckersley
London Transport Museum collection

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