The Mayor of Kingston driving the inaugural tram over Kingston Bridge - photograph

This photo was taken on 1 March 1906. It shows crowds cheering the mayor of Kingston, Alderman H C Minnitt as he is about to drive the first tram across Kingston Bridge. He is being closely supervised by the Black man standing next to him, Lewis Bruce, London United Tramways (L.U.T.)'s senior tram driver. Unfortunately little is known of Bruce's story. However he was one of London's first Black tram drivers. Sir Clifton Robinson, the L.U.T. managing director, is standing in front of the tram on the right; his son has one foot on the step. The tram is bedecked with flags and bunting and there is a similar tram at the rear. Kingston Bridge was the first London bridge to have tram tracks crossing it. In spite of the chaos that the laying of the track to Surbiton, Long Ditton and New Malden caused, the result was a success, allowing people to travel more quickly, cheaply and comfortably than before.
Production Date:
1 Mar 1906
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Transport for London

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