Neasden Power Station when first built - photograph

Neasden Power was built to provide electrical power for the Metropolitan Railway. The power station begun operation in late 1904, this photograph was taken soon afterwards. It was part the Metropolitan Railway complex in Neasden in what was known as Neasden Village. This included a railway depot, workshops, engine sheds, labourers' cottages and a village estate of two-storey brick terraced houses built in 1882-83 and 1904-5. This 10,500 kilowatt power station powered the Metropolitan line and the village. The village was to the west of Neasden and called 'the loneliest village in London'. Its streets were called after stations on the Metropolitan Railway in Buckinghamshire. The power station polluted the air so much that letters were written to 'The Times'. It was shut in 1968 and subsequently demolished.
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