"Night", a sculpture by Jacob Epstein (1880-1959) - photograph

A stone sculpture by Jacob Epstein, 'Day', shows a seated male figure with a young boy, both naked. The sculpture is displayed over the main entrance on the southeast facade of 55 Broadway. A corresponding sculpture, 'Night', is erected above another entrance to the building. Both were carved directly into the Portland stone of the building. Like many of Epstein's sculptures, these caused controversy at the time. They were in a realist avant-garde style, and challenged conventions regarding 'suitable' subjects for public art. Intense public pressure eventually obliged Epstein to remove an inch and a half from part of the sculpture. Epstein was American. His parents, refugees from Poland, had settled on the Lower East Side, New York, where his father became a baker. After studying sculpture in France with Rodin, Jacob Epstein moved to Britain.
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Photographer : Sidney W Newbery
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