Kiralfy, Imre

Date of Birth:
1 Jan 1845
Date of Death:
27 Apr 1919
Kiralfy, Imre

Imre Kiralfy was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire city of Pest in 1845. He was the oldest of seven children born to Jacob Konigsbaum, a clothing manufacturer, and his wife Anna (Rosa) Weisberger. They were a prosperous family of Jewish descent.

The Konigsbaum family business was ruined in the 1848 Hungarian Revolution. The family suffered temporary poverty and Jacob narrowly escaped imprisonment by the Austrians.

Imre showed a precocious talent for music, art and especially dance. He made his stage debut at the age of four as a Hungarian folk dancer, appearing under the name Kiralfy. The family adopted this name.

Imre's brother, Bolossy (1848-1932), soon joined him on stage. Their parents, particularly Rosa, managed their careers as they toured the cities of the Empire. When they were no longer 'wunderkinder', their careers declined and they performed in provincial theatres until they were joined by their sister Haniola (1851-89).

Alternate Names

  • Konigsbaum, Imre

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