Greater London Authority (G.L.A.)

The Greater London Authority (G.L.A) came into being in 2000. It was the successor body to the Greater London Council, which had been abolished in 1986. Between 1986 and 2000, it was generally agreed that London needed a strategic body to run local government, alongside the 32 London boroughs. All other world cities of London's size and complexity have a similar strategic level of government.

The G.L.A. works alongside the mayor of London, an office that also came into being in 2000. The G.L.A. is made up of 25 members: 14 constituency members, representing each of the 14 London constituencies, each covering two to three London boroughs; and 11 London members, representing London as a whole.

The mayoral and Greater London Assembly election on 4 May 2000 was a first for Britain in many ways. The new mayor was Britain's first directly elected city mayor. The election also pioneered two new voting systems.

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