Christian London

Christian London - IRChristians in London were made up of different sects within three great divisions: Anglicans (or Church of England), Roman Catholics, and Non-conformist Protestants. By the 20th century, the hostility between the three had largely subsided but Catholics in particular still attracted unspoken prejudice. Catholics had been granted civil rights in the 19th century, but even as late as the 1940s Catholic teachers employed by the London County Council were looked on with suspicion.

London at the beginning of the 20th century was peppered with Christian churches and buildings. A survey in 1904 listed 4,026 churches or places of Christian worship in Greater London: far outstripping the 62 Jewish synagogues, the next most numerous place of worship.

Many different beliefs and practices were represented in that total. Within the east London borough of Stepney, for example, the 120 Christian churches included only 34 Anglican and eight Catholic. The rest were Wesleyan, Methodist, Baptist, Congregationalist, Welsh Calvanists, German, Norwegian and Swedish Protestant, Salvation Army, Evangelist, Plymouth Brethren and the Society of Friends.

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