Building Heights

Building Heights

Until the 20th century, London was a relatively low-rise city. Its tallest building in 1900 was St Paul's Cathedral. The tallest building in 2000 was the Canary Wharf Tower. New technology enabled building heights to rise significantly and reach unprecedented levels from the 1960s. Many of the new towers were office buildings.

By the end of the 20th century, London's top 12 highest buildings were:

Building Year built Height (m) Function Location
Canary Wharf 1991 243.8 Offices Docklands
Natwest Tower 1980 182.9 Offices City
Post Office Tower 1966 177.4


West End
Shakespeare Tower (Barbican) 1968 125.6 Housing West End
Euston Centre 1970 124.4 Offices West End
Britannic House 1967 121.6 Offices City
Commercial Union 1969 118 Offices City
Millbank Tower 1961 118 Offices West End
Centre Point 1964 111.3 Offices West End
Kings Reach Tower 1978 111.3 Offices South Bank
St Paul's Cathedral 1710 111.3 Church City
Shell Centre 1961 107 Offices South Bank

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