LCS Sharebook of Mrs. Amy Primrose Beeston (n��e Johnson) -

This is a sharebook issued by the London Co-operative Society (LCS) to Miss Primrose Johnson (later Mrs. Amy P. Beeston) in 1923. The object of co-operatives is for people to form voluntary associations in order to work together to further their own economic and social interests. This aim is to be achieved through a jointly-owned, democratically-controlled entity (i.e. the co-op). The examples best known today are probably the Co-op chain of supermarkets and Co-op funeral directors. Historically one of the ways in which co-ops rewarded their members was with the dividend or ?divi.? Sharebooks, such as the one shown here, functioned as membership cards for the co-op. They also recorded the money paid to members in dividends.
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BGATE_Co-operative Collection/32
London Co-operative Society Limited
Bishopsgate Institute

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