Abercrombie Plan 1944

Abercrombie Plan 1944

Professor Patrick Abercrombie (1879-1957) was a trained architect and town planner. He prepared the 'County of London Plan' (1943) and The Greater London Plan (1944) during the Second World War as a blueprint for London's post-war reconstruction and development.

Land used for allotments during the war and bomb-damaged areas presented a post-war opportunity for a network of open spaces that Abercrombie hoped would contribute to the improvement of people's health and wellbeing.

He established 'Standards of Open Space' which recommended that, for every thousand city inhabitants, there should be at least four acres of open space available. This figure was much less than proposals suggested by councils before the war, but the calculation took account of high levels of development already encroaching on certain areas.

Alternate Names

  • County of London Plan 1943
  • Greater London Plan 1944

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